i-WELD Welding Machine PS100I

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1. Pilat are striking system for easy starting.
2. Indicator light for thermal overload protection.
3. Post-Flow cooling.
4. Air regulator with pressure adjustment.
5. Easy carry handle.


1. Cuts all electrical conductive materials
2. Easy to use professional result at the 1st trial
3. Faster than other cutting method
4. More precise
5. Smaller heat affected zone

Product Warranty

1 Year Warranty

Power Voltage (V) : 415V + 15%
Rated Input Power (kVA) : 8.7
No Load Voltage (V) : 293
Rated Input Current (A) : 23
Rated Output Voltage (V) : 120
Pilot Arc Model : HF Oscillating
Burner Inner Diameter (MM) : 1.5
Pressure of Air Compressor (KG) : 4-5
Thickness (MM) : 0.5-40
Type of Transistor : IGBT
Weight (kg) : 36.5
Dimensions (mm) : 575 x 286 x 502


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